Warriors Golf Cart

After the NBA Finals in 2018, we modified our golf cart in honor of the Warriors 3rd championship victory in just 4 years, in an effort to share Dubs' spirit with other fans at the Oakland Parade. We built the cart not knowing there were pre-determined invitations and though the gates were initially opened for us, because we weren't on 'the list' we were not in the parade very long... so then we literally let hundreds of other fans get in our cart to take pics all over Oakland throughout the rest of the day, it was a hit and fans loved it! Later in the summer we met up with Steph Curry at the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Tahoe to show him the cart in person, he thought it was awesome, and we let countless fans take pics and have fun in the cart there as well. Fans love this one-of-a-kind machine, and we love sharing it with everyone! After even more new modifications this year, we sincerely hope the City of Oakland invites us this year to share our creation and participate in the 2019 Parade to celebrate another Warriors Championship!!!

"We're All Still Celebrating!

You can stay till sunset..."  - Port Police of Oakland

Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament Weekend

American Century at Edgwood Golf Club

Some brief excerpts from our conversations in the media center with the legend himself:

Kap:     Yo Steph, I had this golf cart at your parade...

Steph:  You built this?

Kap:     Yeah... & we were out at the port, the port police said you did a scene out there?

Steph:  Yeah, I did...

Kap:     ...you got my info, I'll build you one...

Steph:  Yeah Kap, it's nice to meet ya...

Kap:     I know ur busy... Good job this year, you guys are killin it!

Steph:  Wait... How fast does it go?

Kap:      Goes 40, we can go faster...

Steph:  What engine's in this thing?

Kap:     Honda V-twin... I can build another one for ya...

Some others wanted 'more important' interviews... so we took to the streets with the fans...

"Steph pointed the cart out to me on Sunday from the tee box on the 7th hole. He thought the cart was awesome ...what it might look like to get Stephen one to use in the Bay Area..."  -  Bryant Barr (Steph's Caddy)

Kap:        How’s it going?


Officer:   Is this your cart?


Kap:         It is.


Officer:   Our captain doesn’t want you driving up and down the road like this, says you’re flying up the road?


Kap:         We’re staying here… we let fans get in, take pictures… we’re gonna pull it to the Edgewood sign… 


Officer:   I’ll let him know that… Essentially, It’s fairly street legal…


Kap:         Are you a Warriors fan?


Officer:   Klay Thompson was at the same school I was, so I like ‘em.


Kap:         Thanks a lot for stopping by.


Officer:   I can go tell him that you're not cruising up and down… we’ll be happy with that.

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