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The fastest way to get this domain into your possession is to transfer it to an account at the same registrar.  You can find out what registrar the domain is located at by searching, or  If you happen to already have an account at that registrar, great, we can start the transfer process immediately. Otherwise, you can also set up a new account at that registrar, it doesn't take long to do so at most registrars. (A registrar is where domains are held and managed. Examples of popular registrars are,,,, etc. )

If you already use a different registrar, and you want to transfer it there, we can do that. It just takes longer, and you have to pay transfer fees to the receiving registrar for the next year of registration, that's how transfers between registrars work. In that case, you will need to either go on their website or contact them, purchase a transfer order from them, and we will push the domain to your account. This can usually be done within minutes, or same day.


(Again, to be clear, if you already have an account or set up a new account at the registrar where the domain already is located, there is not cost to transfer it to your account, and it can be done much more quickly. Then you, yourself, can transfer it wherever you like, later)

Thank again for your purchase.

And I Wish You The Best With Your Business...



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