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With creative, development and investment partners around the world, we think outside the box on all projects we consider. We invest in domains we know have large-scale development potential. We cannot develop everything ourselves, which is why we are sometimes willing to sell. We value building upon the best digital real estate, which is why you have found your way here looking for the best domains. In our outbound efforts, we target the premier organizations in their respected industries for sales as well as partnerships.

Listed below is a small sample of our domain portfolio which is currently available for sale and/or potential partnership. Below are many of our .App domains with large-scale development potential in major industries. These are all new acquisitions as of 2018. Below that is a small selection of our .Com domains, simply to present the variety of names.

Sample of Our  .APP  Portfolio (that's still left)


Small Sample of Our  .COM  Portfolio  &  1-800-ON-VIDEO &  &  Resporg with over 2,000 vanity toll free phone numbers

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