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Domain Name Now Available for Acquisition

Contact Jonathan  •  •  1-775-220-222  cell

• 20 Year Old Aged, Premium Domain Registered August 1998

FOR SALE --> ONLY $5,900

If your want it, I'll even include the Toll Free Number We Have:



Commencing Thursday, February 14th:

Our Sales Team will begin contacting many of the 15,000 podiatrists

throughout the country regarding this phenomenal domain name.

(I am traveling, but may be able to make a few calls Wednesday)


First Come First Serve. Literally, the First Doctor Or Company to Enter Their Info

Gets This Incredible Deal.  This IS Underpriced.  This is One of the VERY BEST Domain Names For This Industry.   ONCE IT'S GONE, IT'S GONE, FOREVER...

Don't Wait, This Is Priced To Sell.     It Will Be a Superb Domain Improvement, or Forwarding URL, or Additional Site. Clients and Patients Will Never Forget This, and this will Add Credibility to Your Practice, All for Less than the Cost of the Most Basic Surgery.


Someone Will Jump On This Fast. The Question Is, Will It Be YOU?

We will be Making Calls Non-Stop Until It's Sold, So Even If We Just Spoke On The Phone, Someone Else May Be Entering Their Info Right Now. Don't Wait.

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Other Relevant Domains For Sale By Other Companies:

$33,000      $33,000

$17,500             $17,500

$10,000  $10,000  minimum offer

Licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, there are approximately 15,000 podiatrists practicing in the United States.

The AMGA salary survey further broke down the incomes of podiatric surgeons by four regions. The East had the lowest median income, at $163,164. The South offered better salaries, at a median of $180,204. Podiatric surgeons in the North reported significantly higher salaries, at a median income of $240,759.

• Extremely common phrase.

• Unforgettable Name for Local and/or Global Site Pertaining to:

  -  Podiatry / Podiatric Medicine

  -  Orthopedics

  -  Physical Therapy

  -  Feet

  -  Shoes

  -  Travel

  -  Tours

  -  Tourism

  -  Destinations

  -  Exercise

  -  Walking / Jogging / Running

  -  Hiking / Trails / Camping

  -  Sightseeing / Landmarks

  -  Cities to Beaches

  -  Adventures

  -  And So Much More to do On Foot...

• In the case of OnFoot, the 'On' adds value to the phrase,

similar to OnDemand, OnPace or OnTime. alone

would be a multi 6 figure domain, if not 7 figures.

Though less than 10% of domain sales are ever reported, below is a list of publicized sales to give an idea the popularity as well as value of various "On" domains:               $635,000          $ 70,000       $ 50,000           $ 36,500             $ 25,000           $ 25,000       $ 20,000     $ 16,874            $ 15,290         $ 15,056          $ 15,009           $ 15,000            $ 13,965            $ 12,225            $  9,000         $  8,550          $  8,100        $  8,000            $  7,850         $  6,800     $  6,342        $  6,000        $  6,000

Some of the other 'OnFoot' Extensions taken:

(This is a lot of extensions taken for a domain,

furthering evidence of it's desirability)      *developed      *developed       *developed     *developed     *developed       *developed       *developed


65,700,000     Google Search Results for "OnFoot"

1,900,000,000  Google Search Results for "On Foot"

Recent, Publicly Documented, Actual Sales Also Include:




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