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1970 MCI Coach

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1970 MCI Coach.

The bus is currently in Columbus, Ohio at the renowned StarJet Bus Shop. Unfortunately, these are all the pictures I have, and some of the pictures were from when we were still working on it, so some of the details have been finished beyond what you see, but this will give you a pretty solid idea what this bus is.

Model: MCI-7

Length:  40 feet

Height: 10 feet 10 inches (not including AC units above roof)

Fuel capacity: 144 gallons

Registered as motorhome / RV, non-commercial, do not need Class A license

Engine: 8V71 Detroit Diesel  (runs like a champ, does leak a fair bit of oil though, but all these busses do leak, it's just part of having one of these older busses)

4 speed Allison Manual Transmission, works perfectly.


This body style from 1968 to 1973 were the only ones that ever had this specific, iconic exterior look, especially in the upper front. While busses became more 'modern' looking, I wanted this classic look, as do many collectors, and this one was overall in very nice shape for its age.


I immediately drove to Ohio and got a new custom paint job, deep grey exterior with unique copper accents, including all the strips down the side, headlights and taillights, and even the accents on the wheels. The top of the bus is a light grey, to better reflect sunlight and keep it cool. We also buffed out the lower aluminum bays around the entire bus to a very nice shine. I did a bunch inside, too. All this would have cost well over $15k+ had I not done much of the work myself. FYI, the professional paint shop did all of the main paint job of the exterior, top quality work less than 3 years old.

Next, I spent thousands more and replaced one of the brakes that wasn't working properly and the associated air system. We replaced the windshield wiper system, which was a little finicky. We also tightened the steering, though all of these busses drive a little 'loose'. So I then drove back to California with a clean bill of health. Time to start the interior...

We replaced the primary batteries, as well as building an additional a custom battery bank below holding a bunch more deep cycle batteries to run stereo systems and other electrical components inside. It has a 5000-watt inverter.

I got a custom crew to install beautiful cherry wood floors throughout the entire bus. We put new wood siding in the front of the bus interior, stained black. Then we used a flexible stone material, that is actual real stone with texture, on flexible strips, to line much of the back of the bus walls and ceiling. All this added up to another $10k+ job.

Next, we dialed in the closet, which is in the mid section where the bathroom is. We installed a nice wall mounted sink with glass top that lights up. We installed an awesome shower head unit that has a top and side sprayer, that contours to the shape of the bus very nicely. And of course, there is a fully functional toilet.

There is an aprox. 100 gallon fresh water tank, and appropriate size grey tank as well as blackwater tanks to match, which are under the coach. There is a propane system with lines ran, but we disconnected all the units requiring propane, so that is available for you if you wanted to add heaters or new oven, etc. Personally, I planned to replace the cooktop, and that has never been used since I've owned the bus. There are Two AC units on the roof that worked reasonably well, but in time you might want to get the newer fancy ones that pump out huge BTUs. It just doesn't get that hot where I live, and what's there is functional and worked fine for me.


We stained all the cabinets black in the kitchen, it looks sharp. We then added a spectacular deep green marble counter top, some of the most unique (and very expensive) granite with unique gold flakey details in it, as well as a large and deep, custom ordered stainless steel sink, more like you'd see in a fine home, much larger than typical RVs. In the pictures, there is a second cutout in the granite countertop, which I had a wastebasket in. My plan was to install an under-mounted ice bucket in its place, but again, there are so many things that can be done that are simply a matter of preference. We even refaced the kitchen fridge with real copper sheeting. Again, thousands upon thousands of more dollars into this.

Then we wired a sound system with 8 separate boxed 6x9 speakers throughout the bus, as well as 3 high quality boxed 12 inch subwoofers throughout the bus, powered by 3 big amplifiers.

Finally, we brought in 2 leather fold down couches for the back. We liked having a 'VIP' room back there, that could also serve as a bedroom. FYI, in the pictures, there is a dark soft furry material on the back ceiling, and a pink furry material on the back seat, but we ripped that off because we were planning on raising the roof. We could reinstall that material for you, it is in the bus, but you may want to do something different. Now there is just the thin wood lining the roof. We also have a nice tall dresser back there, as well as a glass faced mini fridge.

In the front, we have a very nice leather sofa, which is actually has a bed inside that pulls out. Also, we bought 2 nice black leather reclining chairs with separate foot rests, and best of all, they are massaging chairs.

You'll want to put a little work into the bus to customize the final touches to your desires, but this is an absolutely fabulous bus. I have nearly $50k into it, you loose track with these things, but, times are demanding and I need to sell this quickly, hence the incredibly reduced price. I'm taking a huge hit on this, but I hope it finds a great new home, to be your home / party mobile on wheels.

It runs, and you can drive it away today if you want. It's at StarJet, so if there is anything else you want to do to it, such as upgrading to the bigger engine and/or automatic transmission, these guys are the best in the bus business, the nicest people, too, a true family run business for more than 40 years, and they charge a lot less than you are going to find anywhere else in the country.

Contact me:


(775) 220 - 2222

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